The Savoy Group is making the most of our collective decades of experience within the energy sector. Our team of energy analysts and associates provide unique and specialized insight into key investments in the energy sector.

Issues such as market liberalization, sustainability, and infrastructural changes pose challenging questions for all those involved in the industry. The Savoy Group targets key investments by identifying future opportunities for growth and strategies for success.

Our Energy Investment Portfolio is divided into the following two sections below:


The Savoy Group's sustainable energy investment portfolio provides key investments within the sustainable energy sector, including renewable technologies (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal), biomass, nuclear, distributed generation, smart grids, and carbon management.

The reliance on fossil fuels to meet our energy needs, coupled with the infrastructural changes required to move to a low carbon emission society, likely means a long transition to dependence on renewables. During that transition, fossil fuel-burning power generation plants are focusing more on efficient combustion techniques and measures such as carbon capture and storage. In transport, energy security and carbon management requirements have driven an evolving biofuels market, more efficient and electric motor-powered vehicles, and battery regeneration systems. Within the power generation sector, energy efficiency measures are driving a network system overhaul.

Key investment in:

  • Wind Power

  • Solar PV

  • Energy storage

  • Distributed Generation

  • Hydro-power

  • Nuclear generation

  • Solar thermal

  • Capacity installed

  • Biomass generation

  • Smart grids

  • Energy security

  • Geothermal

  • Biofuels

  • Carbon management


The Savoy Group's new upstream energy investment portfolio assesses some of the macro issues, competitive landscape, and regional market outlooks that will shape the future of global upstream energy.

As the shift to less accessible, frontier, and unconventional sources of oil and gas continues, we assess new investments in technologies, exploration strategies, and the emergence of regional gas, it's transportation and storage as LNG, and exploration developments.