Corporate Private Equity

We are anticipating being a world leader in private equity investing, planning to manage five general private equity funds as well as specialized funds focusing on real estate and energy investments. We will pursue transactions throughout the world, including not only typical leveraged buyout acquisitions of seasoned companies but also transactions involving start-up businesses in established industries, turnarounds, minority investments, corporate partnerships and industry consolidations. 

We have planned and forecasted investing in corporate partnerships, including transactions with Fortune 500 companies, leading participants in the renewable alternative energy industries "Green Energy", leading participants and conceivers in and of "Smart Grid" technologies, leading energy industry companies, leading developers and managers of the real estate industry, and leading participants in the computer, software, electronics, telecommunications, and entertainment industries. We believe that the depth and breadth of our corporate partnerships will lead to a significant number of opportunities for our corporate private equity and real estate opportunity funds over the next several years. As a result of these various relationships, we believe that we are less reliant on auction processes in making investments than many of our competitors, thereby providing us with a wider array of attractive investment opportunities.